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New to Cricut maker, id like to cut paper stencil design cutouts , deck style, with card stock

magicmarcmagicmarc Member Posts: 4
hi, i just got a maker, and i got it because i want to cut out stencils, onto paper card stock, but id like the cricut to make several 'per page' of card stock, about the size of a playing card, but with the design cutout on it, and the rounded 4 corners... so id like to make blanks, just the card with rounded corners, and another one with the same but with the stencil design cutouts in them...
like this, does anyone have some good steps, pointers to give a newbie on how to do this?


  • magicmarcmagicmarc Member Posts: 4
    and of course the same thing, with just the rounded corner 'card's with no stencil design cutouts..., thanks experts!

  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,619
    @magicmarc - welcome to the Make The Cut! software forum, where we assist users of the software Make The Cut! (MTC). MTC is not compatible with your cutter. We can point you to a MTC user manual but if you are not using MTC then it's likely not going to help you. You need to learn either the software that is compatible with your cutter, or purchase software like MTC (I would actually recommend SCAL instead) or use freebie stuff like Inkscape.
    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
  • magicmarcmagicmarc Member Posts: 4
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,473
    Did you get this resolved or do you need help with the design?

    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
    UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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  • magicmarcmagicmarc Member Posts: 4
    HI d-LITE, i was told this isnt for cricut folks, this is something else.. i did manage to 'get a cut of the design made' but i dont know the design software well enough to make the rounded corners, etc... the details i like, ya know, are you good with deisgn maker?
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,473
    edited February 2019
    No I don't know design maker.  The question I would ask is can you import svg or similar.  If you can and you you give me the parameters of the rounded rectangles you want then I can put a set up for you in various sizes and with various corner curves.  Or let me know what types of files you can import I might be able to assist.  Do you have basic shapes - you might fin that it has rounded corner rectangles.

    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
    UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,601
    Youtube and google is a good way to find out how things are done in Design space

    I found this page and I think one phrase on it says it all

    "Here’s the thing, Cricut Design Space is not really really meant for you to design complex things from scratch. "


    Cricut design space allows import of svg files this provides the option of designing in other far more functional design software and then importing to design space

    Inkscape (Freeware) would be one such software you would find many pages / video showing this

    Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw would be other option each may require certain setting to make the svg export compatible with design space . I suspect google would help you here as well

    Using software actually intended for electronic cutter can have advantages

    for example
    Make the Cut or Sure Cuts a Lot
    Neither will cutter directly to the Cricut as its manufacturer took action to prevent that

    But each can be used to create svg the can be imported to design space once again there may be certain adjustments required . I would think there would be information around the web about this 

    Sure Cuts a Lot  does has a export svg for design space option

    Another good source of help would be Facebook Groups for both design space and also the Maker
    There are many here are 2



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