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Cricut connectivity problems

Hi, I have had my Cricut Explore Air for 2 years and recently decided to move it to my shop and connect it to my computer there.  I couldn't get it to connect and was getting an error message when I clicked on make it of "Error Loading Mats, please check your internet connection and try again".  There is nothing wrong with my internet connection, Design space was correctly downloaded and the correct drivers were installed.  I brought my cricut home and now I have the same problem connecting it to the computer it has been connected to for the last 2 years.   have had a few tips to try from cricut help but nothing has resolved this problem yet.  Has anyone out there had a similar problem?  It's been disconnected and moved from room to room at home before and I have never had a problem setting it up again.


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    Welcome to the Make the Cut (MTC) software support forum.  MTC is a 3rd party software program that works with various cutters but it does not work with the Cricut line.  As a result, you will find few users here who have this cutter.  I would suggest that you reach out to Provocraft's support through the links on their website.
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  • Thank you, I'll look into that.
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