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Sublimation help needed

MungaMunga Member Posts: 3
I recently bought a used sublimation printer (WF 7610) with a CISS ink system, I am new to sublimation but I knew this printer sat awhile and after reading I figured the ink maybe give me problems; after running test after test and cleanings, I now have print test sheets coming out perfect.  So I know it prints, with this being said I’m lost on why it won’t graphics on sublimation paper, it just shoots out blank pieces of paper.  CMYK- I use a free website that changes RGB into CMYK, although I did photography for awhile I do have photoshop elements and Light room, neither of these will let me change my JPEG into CYMK, only photoshop will.  I don’t believe there is a droplet you can put into Light Room to add this feature.  So basically I need some help, I understand this takes time but if anyone is familiar with MacBook Pro and Epson WF 7610 settings, I would be willing to give them my Light Room program and license in trade after I get my printer going.  I will be looking for my license today to make sure I have it.  Please anyone.


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