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How do I find Punch designs for the punch tool?

SherricraftsSherricrafts Member Posts: 161
edited December 2018 in General
Hi, don't know how to find designs (svg or mtc) to use with the punch tool LOL I have owned the tool for YEARS and am finally wanting to use it for a sort of pergamano designs. I have done numerous searches using all different terms to no avail.
 Anyone here have a source for these designs?
(I do not do any designing lol so really want pre made designs in svg or mtc)
Thank you!
Sherri L


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,551
    edited December 2018
    Not familiar with those type of designs, but Sandy has a section in the user manual about how to use the punch tool and also how to use the rhinestone function to make designs for the punch tool.  It's section 10.10.  BTW, she also says that you can use the Warp Objects to Path function to apply tiny holes to a path.  That sounds easy enough, although I've never used my punch tool.  Finally, she also mentions that it's best to place some type of cushion material between the mat and the card stock you'll be punching.  She suggests using something like craft foam.  But that is mentioned in the User manual section 10.10.  Oh yes, you can also find some further discussions about the punch tool here on the forum.  Just search the forum for "punch tool" and several messages will be located for you.  Here's an example from 2013.

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  • SherricraftsSherricrafts Member Posts: 161
    Thank you Gabe :)
    You can just use *craft foam* for the cushion...I also have read the parts in the manual and thank you for the forum discussion option, I will definitely use that :)

    I only want PRE made designs...floral, lace on and on etc. LOL Designs I can download and import or open and just cut...no designing necessary for me LOL

    Thank you again, and thank you for the link! I will be reading that :)
  • SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,553
    I don't know of any designs available but you can just pick ANY vector shape and use the instructions to convert to tiny tiny little circles to punch with the tool. It doesn't involve a lot of node editing or any other complex functions. 
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