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help with imported file

Hi. I scanned an image into MTC using my printer scanner. when I click on the images, they turn red. if I try to fill in with blackout option, they turn white. Cant weld to them. what am I doing wrong?  


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,254
    Its going to be hard to help you figure out the issue without some more detail.  First, when you say you have scanned the image into MTC using your printer scanner, I am assuming you mean that you have gotten the scanned image into MTC and it is on the "mat" in MTC?  Second, if it is in MTC on the mat, HOW did you scan it in?  What options/selections among MTC's pixel tracing images did you use to do the trace?  Third, what color mat background are you using in MTC?  The green "default" or a different one - like contrast, or red, etc.?  I ask about that, because depending upon what mat background you are using - things appear in different colors on one mat color versus another.  Did you scan in more than one image?  Did you scan them in at the same time or did you scan them individually (I ask that since you are talking about welding them.)  The more "details" you provide, the better someone can start to try to help you troubleshoot. Finally, what version of MTC are you using?

    The best way to help you to troubleshoot your issues, besides giving the details as I outlined above and anything else that might be pertinent (better to give too much info. then not enough in a case like this), is to attach a copy of your files that you are trying to work with.  Your scanned image(s), your MTC file, etc.
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  • ahuntingahunting Member Posts: 663
    here is the file I exported from MTC. I printed it from an adobe reader file and scanned it by using the twain function in MTC and resampling 3x. 

  • BarbaraBarbara Member Posts: 492
    It is an .svg file so you just need to import the file and it is ready to cut. 

  • ahuntingahunting Member Posts: 663
    I think I finally figured it out.  Thanks.
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,601
    If your still having issues and If the began as a pdf  if you can attach that pdf file we might be able to provide some work flow options
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