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Cameo 2

My machine is cutting what I want it to cut but also just random cuts all over my project.  It makes it very hard to week when half you letter disappears.  Does anyone know the issue that help me with this issues.  Thank you.


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,622
    @PatWink - it may be what you have used - is it text shapes from a font you downloaded for free, is it a file you paid for? What version of MTC do you have? And finally is it properly registered? If not properly registered it will display a brown coloured splash screen when you start up that says DEMO. When in DEMO mode you will get a big X cut through the project at the end of the cut. You can post the MTC file here and someone can look at it.
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,255
    Pat - welcome to the Make the Cut software support forum.   I see you just joined today to post your question.  So, let's begin by verifying what software you are trying to use with your Cameo 2.  Are you trying to use the MTC software, or are you trying to use the Silhouette program with your Cameo?  
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