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CB09 Blade wear (Pics)

ZiftyZifty Member Posts: 20
edited November 2018 in General
Just wanted to share some close up pics of CB09 blades before and after use :)

When your material starts to tear or not cut all the way through this may be why!

I just cut card stock with mine (100 lb cover)  I usually do about 30 to 50 cut jobs per blade depending on how much travel each design has.

What I dont have a pic of is a common occurrence of the tip breaking off and presenting a flat pyramid looking tip.


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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,381
    @Zifty - Instead of posting a link to your whatever you are sharing, please embed the image in your post by clicking the icon Attach image. I ran an URL checker on the link above and got a Malicious! warning. 
  • ZiftyZifty Member Posts: 20
    I wanted to originally.  I guess I didn't wait long enough for it to upload and just assumed it wasnt working :)
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,381
    @Zifty, thanks that seems to have worked OK, I was worried about your link. Sometimes that kind of damage can be caused by the blade being forced too quickly at too high a pressure and it goes right into the mat. Do you see marks on your mat after your cuts?
  • ZiftyZifty Member Posts: 20
    My blades are always going to cut into the mat ever so slightly.  When I set the depth I take my media (card stock) fold a piece in half and with a blade holder in my hand run patterns on the paper to make sure it cuts all the way though and just a little bit into the piece below.  perhaps a little less than half the thickness of the bottom piece.  If I set it to EXACTLY the depth of the paper I will always inevitably run into situations were some pieces are not completely cut and I cannot have that.  Beside, these blades literally cost less than one dollar a piece and I can get at least 250 jobs out of one mat :)
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,381
    @Zifty - sounds like you have everything under control and working well for you!
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,577
    @Zifty, what type of cutter are you using?
  • ZiftyZifty Member Posts: 20
    @Gabe I use the Cameo 2 with CB09 blade holder
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,577
    I didn't realize that the Cameo 2 could hold a Roland style blade holder.  The problem with many of the generic blades for that type of blade holder is that they are reputed to be of lesser quality than the genuine article. And therefore they have a very short lifespan.  I can only suggest that you might want to try some authentic Roland blades in your CB09 holder and let us know if they provide a superior cutting experience. Generally speaking the blades sold by Roland are more expensive than the generic blades, but they are made from high quality steel. You can also get them with cemented carbide tips which seems to me to be worth the extra expense because they should last far longer than the generic blades.  Here's a link to Roland blades on Amazon.  They are "by Roland".  

    Roland blades
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,381
    @Gabe - I bought a Cameo Silhouette SD a long time ago because at the time Andy was developing support for that cutter. He said at the time that it did the most amazing precise Print & Cut's and detailed work, so that motivated me to buy it. I had Cricuts at the time, and we had to use the hinge method (Google and look at cleversomeday's page) for Print&Cut with them. I also bought the CB09 blade holder and the cheap blades for it from eBay. That blade holder is really just a bit too big for the Cameos, so you have to really exert a lot of force to get it into the blade assembly. I have tested same holder in my friend's much newer Silhouettes, and same thing. So yes they will work, but I was always afraid I was going to break my cutter. I also felt that the CB09 holder was way too heavy for the Silhouettes, compared to their blade holders which are featherweight. My thoughts were early motor burn out using that blade holder constantly.
  • ZiftyZifty Member Posts: 20
    @Gabe If you want to paypal me $20 CAD I'd be happy to be your guinea pig and try some Roland blades in my CB09 holder, lol.  I checked that link (I've seen them before) but came to the conclusion they were probably just buying them offshore like I am, because their packaging is EXACTLY the same as the ones I get from Aliexpress.   Exact same labeling, colors and layout (even the three stars).    If someone can confirm Roland is manufacturing or at least buying from a North American manufacturer I'd happily pay more since they aren't that much more expensive to begin with.   Mine say Cemented Carbide Blade as well.  I change my blades every sunday evening regardless of how many or how little orders I've had throughout the week just for preventative maintenance .

    The CB09 holder itself can be hit and miss.  i have bought at least 20 in the last two years but I have only used 4.  Only once has one ever broken in some way to render it useless.  However keep in mind the Cameo is not a commercial grade machine by any means and maybe doesnt put as much stress on it as a high speed plotter or one capable of cutting thicker stuff.

    And only once did one not fit because it was too tight.  I tested them all.  A few years ago it was a crap shoot, but in the last year I have seen the machining on these thing improve quite a bit and obviously better QA. 

    One thing I did do was fabricate my own spacer rings to go around the holder before I put it in the holder.  The CB09 sits too low in the carriage without them.  They are just cut from card stock same diameter as the blade holder.  (3 of them to give about 1mm extra clearance or basically the same height as the cameo blades.

    The roland blades have the thicker base going up much higher than graphtech blades.  Also I wonder if they are the same length.  Next time I make an order from amazon I'll try them for giggles.

    @Liz_A I've only ever worked with a Cameo 2 (I still only buy the 2 even though the 3 is out because if it ain't broke don't fix it is my MO, LOL) I pretty much just exclusively do print and cut and I've always been impressed with how precise every cut is.  I don't even think I've ever had to calibrate ever.  I replace it once a year though.  I do around 3000 jobs a year with it, plus experimenting and prototypes for my paper model kits so lets call it 3500.

    I find what happens when it's nearing time to replace it is the cuts begin to slide.  For example, across a 10 inch straight line cut on the y axis, it will drop close to 1 mm.  I haven't spent too much time figuring out why because 7.5 cents is the cameos cost for each job lol.  If I had to guess, its the belts that begin to stretch maybe.  Or the optics for the laser registration maybe or both.

    I can't see the extra weight of the CB09 being an issue, its only 16 grams.  The whole carriage probably weighs 100 just eyeballing it. 

    Like Cannon or HP, they are not making their money off the Cameos.  They are making them off the mats, blades and other accessories.  This is why your Cannon costs$40 on sale and takes $125 worth of ink lol.

    I've never actually used MTC with it.  I bought a copy though but it seemed like a lot of work to convert all my files.  I should mention too that I bought a KNK zing too, which is why i looked at MTC.  I never actually unboxed the Zing... meh, lol.  It doesn't have auto registration.  But I got a nice deal on it.  It's also much bigger than my cameo.  That's a big seller for me.  I just have a small office.  So I can run my whole OP from a corner desk.

    My only gripe with Silhouette is software and hardware is buggy sometimes.  Again, its not commercial grade so I expect the odd communication error with the cutter.  However the frequency of their occurrence usually increases near the end of the machines duty cycle.  I got a bug with it right now (its been almost exactly a year of use now) I can only done 1 successful registration.  When finished, if I don't click on some tab other than the cutting tab first before sending the next job, it will go through the motions but fail to register.  basically have to clear the infolink between the software and hardware and generating a new com to the plotter.   I dunno.. sometimes I wonder if its software... but I got a new computer recently and reinstalled and it still does it.  I have a new Cameo in the closet just waiting for D-Day on the current one lol.. But my goal is to keep pushing it to Jan 1, my overhaul day.  I also have my eyes peeled for a replacement for the following year if one goes on sale.  The supply of Cameo 2's will eventually dry up I am sure... pretty sure I am the only one buying them maybe haha.

    Oh and oddly enough, it performs poorer in my opinion with Cameo's mats than the generic brand on Amazon now which are cheaper. 3 for the same price.

    Anyhoo I could go on and on lol
  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,577
    edited December 2018
    @Zifty, may I say, that in my opinion you are missing out on a great user experience by ignoring your Zing and MTC.  The Zing and MTC were a collaborative endeavor.  The version of MTC that came with the Zing was upgraded to match the features of the Zing.  While it doesn't have automatic registration mark recognition, it does have a very accurate 3 point registration function that makes spot on PnC quite easy to accomplish.  After calibrating the machine, of course.

    While it is a new learning curve you would have to go through, it becomes very easy to use, once you learn MTC and the Zing.  I have a Zing and that's why I continue to recommend it.  I don't know if you have looked at YouTube videos of the Zing in use, but I encourage you to take a look at some.  It seems a shame to me that you have a great machine and software, but you don't use them.  That's your decision of course, so please don't take offense.  I am not trying to shame you or embarrass you, I just think you might enjoy the Zing cutter, if you gave it a chance.

    As far as converting files, I assume you mean converting files created with MTC so that you can use them with your Cameo.  If that is the case, there is an easy to use MTC to SVG conversion function built into MTC.  Also, there is now a site you can upload your files to and have them converted for free, if that is the way you want to go.

    Keep in mind, also, that MTC has an enormous built in file gallery, chock full of files you can use immediately with your Zing.  Boxes, tags, cards, labels, cupcakes toppers, and so much more.  And all absolutely free and available to use in all your projects.  But you can only get to it from within MTC.

    I'm not knocking the Cameo, as I have never used one.  I am just trying to encourage you to give the Zing a serious trial to see if it could become another resource you can use with your work.

    The one caveat that I feel I must mention is that MTC is now long in the tooth.  For several years it has not been upgraded.  While it does work with the Cameo 2, it will not work with the Cameo 3, because the upgrades stopped before the 3 was released.  Even so MTC has many excellent features and a loyal user base that is quite happy to continue using it and helping new users to learn it.  And we all hope that whatever has drawn the programmer away from MTC will eventually allow him to come back and renew the upgrades and addition of newer machines it supports.  But we do not know if that will happen or not. 
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,546
    Roland blades have a shank diameter 2mm so would not fit the CB09 blade holder as CB09 blades Have a shank diameter of 0.9mm
    I Use Zing Air, Make The Cut - Pop Card Studio, WinXP- Win7 -Win10
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  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,577
    Thanks for the info Mr. Zing.  I am unfamiliar.  I thought the CB09 was a Roland style blade holder.  @Zifty, please excuse my error and ignore that message from me.  I hope you have no more trouble finding and using the CB09 blades.
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,546
    CB09 and CB15 Blade Holder are Based on Graphtec

    Sidenote: The CB15 blade do fit KNK Holders but I have only found them with a offset of 0.75mm   >  KNK 45 deg blade offset is 0.30mm

    Roland Blades
    There are quite a few different designs of Clone Roland blade holder that accept Roland Blade

    With my Zing Air I used one like this Often label "Roland Silver"

    There another that has since become available that are often incredible cheap on ebay ($3 to $5)

    I Use Zing Air, Make The Cut - Pop Card Studio, WinXP- Win7 -Win10
    Paper Modellers I Revere Marc Hagan-Guirey ----- Yoshinobu Miyamoto ----- Peter Dahmen
    Gallery ID #26944 ----- Link to My Cloud Have a Look your Welcome to Make Use of the Files
  • ZiftyZifty Member Posts: 20
    Sorry all I went AWOL for a bit, swamped with business and working on a website/youtube etc for my little business.   I did read all of the great info above.  I'l love to transition to the Zing, but I've done a lot of consideration and it's just not possible right now with the amount of time required to convert everything.  I still have a brand new backup cameo in store unopened for when the current one goes kaput.  It's currently exceeding the lifespan of the previous by about 5 months lol.

    I thank you all again for the help :)
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