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Strange problem with KNK Zing and MTC, cutting strange lines. (RESOLVED)

petesurferpetesurfer Member Posts: 4
edited November 2018 in General
Hi hello, I'm having a very strange problem with my KNK Zing and Make the Cut. The machine itself is cutting correctly, but it's cutting lines that aren't in the original drawing, If I try to cut for example a thunderbolt shape or a star shape (shown below), it will cut also non-existent lines in the original drawing (shown in read in the pictures pasted). Could this be an issue with the firmware of the machine? Is there anyway to update the KNK Zing's machine firmware to a factory setting? Or is this a problem with Make the cut? Should I try another program? I've used regular white copy paper and all the recommended settings (force 20, both speeds to 10, red blade with 0,25mm offset, etc...). Can't manage to solve the problem. Thanks!

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