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Best Print & Cut Machine for Small Stickers

TheRobsterTheRobster Member Posts: 1
Hi all, looking for some advice. I recently started designing and printing out stickers for Lego blocks and tiles, with the intention of selling them. By their nature the stickers are small, for example a round 2x2 lego tile is 20mm by 20mm and a 1x2 tile is 15mm by 7mm. I have tried several machines with a print and cut feature. So far I have had a Cricut Maker, which prints at too low a dpi and doesn't always cut accurately, and a Brother Scan n Cut, which can't seem to cut straight lines or circles. I have either sold (the Cricut) or sent back (The Scan n Cut) machines as neither are good enough for kiss cutting small stickers from vinyl.

I was thinking of trying the Cameo 3 as this can apparently print out at 600dpi and seems to be reasonably accurate, but I have started reading good things about the Klick N Kut (KNK) machines as well. Does anyone have experience with either / both of these machines and which one would be best for cutting small stickers? I have a very high quality printer so that's not an issue, but getting the print and cut feature to utilise the printer to the best of its ability was a problem with the Cricut, and the Scan n Cut couldn't read straight lines properly and always cut them jagged. I need to overcome these problems so need a machine that can cut straight lines, with accuracy!

Cost-wise it looks like the KNK machines range from a few hundred £/$ to thousands, so I'm not sure if the cheaper ones will do what I want or would I need a more expensive one? Literally all I need it for it print and a cut for high-quality but small vinyl stickers. Could do with some advice on which machine is the best one.



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