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Machine recommendations

thecountryrosethecountryrose Member Posts: 6
Today the sensor hit the way side on my Sizzix eclips. Apparently, this is a very common problem with this machine. I did clean the sensor, but that didn't fix the problem, in case you were wondering :). I'm going to have to invest in a new machine and I'm looking for recommendations.

I would like to be able to cut fabric, of course- heavy cardstock, and maybe some chipboard, but chipboard capability is not really a deal breaker for me. I'm thinking of the Janome Artistic Edge since I work in a quilt shop and have used the software, but I would prefer a machine that is able to use Make the Cut directly from Make the Cut- love Make the Cut! The Sizzix eclips uses Craft Edge's ecal and you can only cut through ecal, so I do a lot of designing, etc., in Make the Cut, and then save my files in svg.

If you have a great machine that cuts directly from Make the Cut, please tell me what machine you have, how long you've had it, and if you have had any problems with it. If you don't mind- what do you love about your machine :) :smile: Thanks so much for your input!


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,528
    Unfortunately Due to Make the Cut not being updated I know of now machine that is available as New the Make the Cut fully supports

    Make the Cut offers Limited Support for KNK Zing Orbit meaning you can perform regular cutting, Not Print and Cut  the other limitation is the connection is via usb Not wireless

    Sure Cut a Lot supports most of the New Model Cutters which I'm thinking would be similar to ecal ? this would provide the option of still using MTC then export  although SCAL is quite easy to learn and just a functional as MTC

    Tying works with MTC to your decision greatly limits your choice 

    I have no experience with the Janome edge I do recall there have been discussion here is a link the the forum search results

    If you wanting to cut heavy material a machine with higher pressure would be an advantage

    The KNK Zing Orbit has 1000grams of pressure

    Knk currently are developing 2 new cutting machine the  MAXX SOLO with a single head and the Maxx Duo with dual heads.  With 2000 grams of force it also will use a camera to detect registration marks for Print and Cut

    Knk also distribute the Skycut Cutter  which has 800rgam of pressure and also has a camera to detect registration marks for Print and Cut

    Due to the lack of mtc support for these New cutter you will find more users on the Facebook Groups for these machines



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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,325
    @thecountryrose - the original Janome cutter was based on the KNK Zing. Any of the KNK cutters can cut what you have listed, if you can find a used KNK Maxx Air or KNK Zing Air, they both work with MTC. The newer cutters will all, except Cricut or Brother, work with SCAL which is the now recommended software as MTC has not been updated for a long while, and is therefore somewhat not compatible with the newer cutters for cutting. You could still use it for designing.
  • thecountryrosethecountryrose Member Posts: 6
    Thank you Crazy Mr. Zing and Liz A for being so informative with your replies. ecal is very much like SCAL, if not exactly like it, as they are both made by Craft Edge. They actually just came out with ecal 3. Does anyone know why MTC hasn't been updated in such a long time?
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,325
    @thecountryrose - we have not had any information, but we believe that Andy has just walked away from MTC. He hasn't been on the forum for a very long time - at least as himself userid Andy, since January 2017. Over a year ago, Andy went to work for an IT consulting firm, so he isn't at home with his family now, as he was when MTC was very active and provided a good income for him. I personally think he got bored with it and wanted to move on to something new, something more challenging. I have found that people like Andy (working the technology world and brilliant) get bored and restless very quickly do the same old, same old. We may never know the story. 
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