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MTC Software usage difference between Cameo Silhouette 2 and Cricuit Explore Air 2?

Because my cameo silhouette 2 won't cut as deeply on some thicker plastic, I'm considering making the move to a cricuit explore air 2.  Is there a big learning curve in going from one to the other, or is it fairly the same since I'm using the same software? 


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,308
    You have previously indicated that you are using MTC with your Cameo 2, you will not be able to use MTC with the Cricut Explore Air or any of the newer Cricut line of cutters that have come out in the past several years.  Provocraft, the owner of the Cricut brand, sued MTC not once, but twice to ensure that you could not use it directly with their brand of cutters so you are going to have to use their proprietary online software with that cutter.  You can export an SVG out of MTC and import it.
    I have not used their cutters in years, but I have not heard a lot of great things about their online program and remember, if its online only - you can't use if your internet is not working, etc.

    Please, if you wish to buy a new cutter - do your homework and make sure you fully understand the ins/outs pluses/minuses of any and all cutters and the software programs that will or won't work with them.  Also understand, MTC has not been updated in years, which means it has not had cutter plugins created for the newer machines on the market that it did work with so you may not get full compatibility with MTC and a newer machine or it may not work at all.  SCAL has been updated to use with many of the newer machines but it too will not work with the Cricut line directly. There are many cutters out there on the market now, the biggest decision is do you want one that locks you into their online program?
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