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BossKut Gazelle & Windows 10 - It WORKS!!!

Hi All! BossKut Gazelle DOES work with WINDOWS 10! Here's how I debugged it so you can see it as a device and thus use it with MTC!

Note, in order to make the cutter work, you still need to install funtime that came with it. It's not as awesome as Make The Cut, but the CD contains the drivers that make the printer work. Follow the steps below line by line and you should be able to get it working on your new PC.

**********Install Funtime**********

The first step is installing the software. The Gazelle should NOT be connected to the computer yet. Insert the Funtime program disk and wait a few moments. If the auto-play does not begin, go to “computer” or “my computer” and double click on the disk drive containing the Funtime disk. When the auto-play begins, follow the prompts to install the software. After accepting the Terms of Use, you will be prompted with choices for the type of installation. Select “typical” and continue. When the installation is finished, leave the disk in the computer and continue to the next step.

**********Disable USB Suspension**********
This step is for Windows7 and Windows8 users only. If you are using WindowsXP or Vista, skip this step. For Windows 10, see pink below, then follow

1. Click on the start button, Gear icon, “System” in upper left, then Power & Sleep in the left hand column.
2. Next, Under “Related Settings” select “Additional Power Settings in Blue”
3. next to your computers power plan, select "change plan settings"... click "change advanced power settings"...
4. A Window should pop up. On the left hand column, click “Create a power plan”
5. Click “High Performance” then in the text box, type a name your plan. I named mine BossKut Gazelle. Then click “Next”
6. In the next window, you don’t need to do anything. Just click “Create.”
7. Now, you should be back in the original window and you should see the plan you just created. Click the plan, then click the “Change Plan Settings” in blue to the right of the plan name.
8. In the New Power Plan Window, click “Change Advanced Power Settings” in blue
9. In new window, find "usb settings"...click the + sign to expand it.
10. Under that, click the + sign next to "usb selective suspend setting"
11. You will see "on battery" AND "plugged in.” BOTH need to be disabled. Click on the blue “enabled” and change each to disabled. Click “Apply” then Ok.
12. In the window that remains, click "save changes" if available.... otherwise, just close the window and continue to the next step.
13. NOTE: sometimes Windows updates will turn this feature back on. so save these instructions for just in case!

**********Disable Driver Signature Enforcement**********
1. Click on the Start Menu, then the Gear to open Windows Settings.
2. Click on “Update & Security” section.
3. Then click on the Recovery option on the left hand side.
4. Once selected, you will see an advanced startup section appear on the right hand side. You will need to click on the “Restart now” button.
5. Once your Computer has rebooted you will need to choose the Troubleshoot option.
6. Then head into Advanced options.
7. Then Startup Settings.
8. **** Here, Windows 10 gave me a TON of problems. It wouldn’t recognize my Microsoft password as my log-in. Basically, I switched the account to a “local” account by clicking on start, gear icon, Accounts, My Administrator account and clicking the Orange – “Switch to a Local Account” or something like that. I followed the prompts. Then Started with a above again…

9. Since we are modifying boot time configuration settings, you will need to restart your computer one last time. It will say something like “Restart to change configuration settings like….”

10. Here you will be given a list of startup settings that you can change. The one we are looking for is “Disable driver signature enforcement”. Your mouse will most likely not work on these screens. To choose the setting, you will need to press the #7 key or F7 key.

**********Connect the Gazelle to the Computer**************
1. First, connect the 2 ends of the power cord and power adapter together.
2. Plug the connector into the Gazelle, and connect the other end to the wall outlet. Do NOT turn the Gazelle on yet.
3. Connect the usb cord between the Gazelle and the computer. It is important to connect the usb cord directly to the computers usb port. Do NOT use a hub or expansion port. If using a desktop computer, connect the usb cord to a usb port on the BACK of the tower. Make a note of which port the cord is connected to, or mark the port itself. The Gazelle will ALWAYS use this SAME PORT. You can disconnect the Gazelle if needed, for example to travel or to connect a different device, but when you reconnect the Gazelle, you MUST use the SAME PORT each time.

**********Install the Driver for Windows 10**********
1. The program disk should still be in the computer.
2. Turn on the Gazelle.
3. Click on Start, Gear, Devices, Bluetooth and Other Devices (on the left). The Device on my computer showed up as “USB Printing Support” If you can’t figure out which device it is, try turning it off, notice which device entry “disappears” and then turn it on and you should see it reappear. It may take a few times of turning it off and on to figure out which it is.
4. Scroll down until you see “Related Settings” in larger black font, then click the blue Devices and printers.
5. Next, find the printer. A popup will appear. Scroll down until you see the gazelle. Again, mine was under “USB Printing Support” and it was listed under heading “Unspecified”
6. Right Click, Select “Properties,” then The “Hardware” tab, then in the box you should see CUTOK or something similar. Select that, then select the properties box at the bottom.
7. Then another pop up comes up that has the option at the bottom to “Change Settings” click that.
8. Then click the Driver tab, Update Driver, Browse my Computer for the driver, then select “Browse.”
9. Select the Funtime Disc in your drive then “ok”
10. The computer will search the Funtime Disc for the right driver. I then got a notification that Windows Security couldn’t verify the publisher of the driver software. It was a scary box with a Red Heading. This is up to you but I selected “install the Driver Anyway”
11. Then I got a VERY Happy notification that Windows has successfully updated my driver. And for the FIRST TIME EVER, it showed the CORRECT title for the BossKut: CUTOK DC330. Next Click Close and close out of all the windows.
12. If done correctly, you should no longer see the CUTOK DC330 under “Bluetooth & other devices.” You should now see it under “Printers and Scanners”

**********Connect the Security Dongle**********
The security dongle is located inside the software case. It looks similar to a flash drive or thumb drive, and says “Rockey” on the face. The dongle contains the security key to activate the Funtime software. The software will not open or function without the dongle. The dongle DOES allow you to install Funtime on as many computers as you would like too! Just be sure the dongle is connected to the computer you are using at the time. :) Many owners attach their dongle to a lanyard or long bright ribbon, making it easy to travel with and easy to find if layed down somewhere. When you locate the dongle, remove the cap and connect the dongle to any available usb port. The dongle is very easy to please! It may be connected directly to a port on the computer or through a hub. As long as the computer can “see” the dongle, it will be fine. When you connect the dongle, initially the LED light on the dongle will blink. Once Windows recognizes the dongle, it will automatically install the dongle's driver and the LED light on the dongle will become steady. When the LED light stops blinking, it is ready!

**********Run as Administrator: Windows 10**********
1. Click on the Start Menu then scroll down until you see the Funtime Folder (under F),
2. click to expand the folder,
3. right click on the Funtime program,
4. select “More”
5. then “Run as Administrator”


  • ms_dawnms_dawn Member Posts: 2
    Part 2 of the Write-Up:

    **********Set Up the Plotter Codes in Funtime**********
    Locate the Funtime icon on the Windows desktop and double click to open Funtime.
    (IF Windows opens a user account control window asking you “do you want to allow this program to make changes to this computer?” you must click the “Yes” button to continue.)

    1. Click the “Create new document” button and then click “OK”.
    2. At the top of the Funtime window, open the “settings” menu and select “Plotter codes” from the bottom of the list.
    3. When the plotter codes window opens, click the “add/remove” button. Notice in the add/remove window that opens, there is a left and a right column. If “gazelle” is in the right column, select it and click “remove”.
    4. When the right column is empty, select “Gazelle RD” in the left column and click the “add” button. When “Gazelle RD” is the only item in the right column, click “OK”.
    5. You will now be back in the plotter codes window. In the lower left corner you will see a port box. Right next to the port that is shown, there is a tiny drop-down arrow. Click that arrow, scroll down the list that appears, and select “windows port”.
    6. When you select “windows port,” a printer selection window will open and the default printer will be shown. Right next to the default printer that is shown, click the little drop down arrow, scroll through the list and select the “cutokdc300”.
    7. Click the “OK” button to close the printer window and you will be back in the plotter codes window.
    8. Click the “accept/save” button. This window will close and you will be back in the main Funtime window.

    Now that the Gazelle is set up, your computer will see the cutter in MTC. Just install MTC and select CUTOK DC330 as your cutter.

    Good Luck All!!!

    (Disclaimer: I am not a computer Genius. It took me 2 days to figure this out and the cutter now works on my computer. Obviously, if you use this info, it's at your own risk. )

  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,596
    Thanks for taking the time to write and share these procedures, @ms_dawn.  That is extremely nice of you. :)
  • smayk00ntzsmayk00ntz Member Posts: 1
    Hi ms_dawn, in the "Disable USB Suspension" directions, you mention for Windows 10 users, "see pink below". Could you clarify where that is. Also, I want to thank you for doing this, I know it's a true labor of love. As a Gazelle owner I feel kinda orphaned these days, but I love this machine. Thanks again!
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,622
    Thanks @ms_dawn, so very helpful for those that have this cutter!
    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
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