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Inkjet Printer Transfer Paper

Hi new on here my first question 😊
I’ve been using vinyl cutting with Craft Robo for many years and now want to expand into cut and print! Just bought silhouette cameo 3 and Want to print on Jet Opaque transfer paper.. First question is this best paper to use? Second question my inkjet printed Cannon printer doesn’t seem to print well looks faded!! Can anyone suggest beat inkjet printer to use or settings I need to adjust? All help much appreciated!

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  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,599
    Welcome to the Make-The-Cut! software user support forum, which is focused on assisting users of the Make-the-Cut! and Popup Card Studio software.  One thing I can say with no uncertainty is that MTC does not support the Cameo 3.  That being said, I do not know the answers to your specific questions, but I can point you to a couple of resources where I am sure you can get those answers. 

    There is a Facebook group for people who do all sorts of garment work.  It's called "Teach Me That".  https://www.facebook.com/groups/teachmethat/

    There is also the T-Shirt Forums.  Another place where you can talk about printers and transfer papers, etc.  https://www.t-shirtforums.com/

    And finally, there is a guy who teaches how to be profitable in this field.  His name is Cartess Ross, and his website is https://www.tshirtriches.com/

    Hope one of these resources will help you find the answers you need.   
  • Tees2plzTees2plz Member Posts: 3
    Thank you very much for your answer and information very much appreciated

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