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Help needed! MTC running on Mac+Parallela+Windows 8.1 not recognizing the Sihlouette Portrait

I need some help with this Case:
Runnung windows 8.1 on a Macbook Pro via Parallels, i installed the MTC + PUC-Studio newest Software with the Silhouette Portrait Plugin v. 3.0.0. but non of the Programms is recognizing the Sil-Portrait! 
Strangely Sil-Studio can recognize it under Windows and print+cut fully functionally! I tried also shutting off the Sil-Studio and then opening the MTC with no results. 
I tried different usb ports with now results. 
I tried uninstalling all programs including Sil-Studio and reinstalling MTC + plugin v. 3.0.0 with no result.
The pluginwindow says "not connected!"
Does anybody have any suggestions? I need to get some work done with it very soon!
Thanks in Advance! 


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