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does anyone have the mtc 4.10 plug in / software that they would share?

I hope my question does not offend anyone, but i had the software a long time ago and never really used it. i recently got a cricut explore air 2 and realize that i really should have saved the files as i now need them in order for the software and my new cricut to work together.

Anyone willing to help out?

Michelle (w2t)


  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,308
    First, no one can legally share the old versions and plugins. Provocraft sued MTC, not once but twice, to make them remove the ability to cut directly to their cutters. They also went out deep diving and looked for anywhere anyone had the plugin they could find and demanded it be removed. I know this for a fact, because they did it to me. I had mine stored on a file storage system, I was not sharing from that site, simply had it stored for my own purposes only. They somehow located it and had the service remove it claiming I did not have the right to have it there. I never bought another Provocraft product.

    Second, even if you had saved it yourself and had it available, it would not work with your newest machine. It does not work with machines other than the original Cricut, the Expression, or the Cake machines. What you can do, if you previously owned the program, is download the last version and use it to create files, save them, and then export them out as SVG files and import that into Provocraft's software to cut with your machine. That also allows you to take advantage of all the features in MTC that were not in the last version to work with a Cricut. If you need your registration information, you can log a tI Coker requesting it be sent. If you. O longer use the same email you would have registered it with, you log a support ticket and give them the old info. so they can find it.

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