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MaxxAir immediatelly pauses [Resolved]

JanisFJanisF Member Posts: 4
edited July 2018 in Resolved Issues
I have a MAXX Air 24''. It has been used almost everyday for several years.
I didn't noticed that the file I was cutting was little wider than a cutting width of the machine and MAXX AIR
stopped in the middle of the job, of course, as it reached the far left
side. That's fine. As usual, I turned the machine off, turned on again.
Cutting head went to it's usual position on the rigt side and then
everything changed. When I tried to move a cutting head with arrow key's on
the machine - the left button doesn't respond, so I can't move the head to
the left . Also, when I try to cut ANY file and push "start" on MTC, a
"PAUSE" immediatelly appears on the screen of the machine and a laser
pointer lights up and that's it. Needless to say, there is no way I could
unpause it, just need to turn off the machine. The same happens if I do a
"test connection" from an MTC. At first I thought, that the buttons may be
worn out, but that's not the case - the arrow keys work perfectly, if I try
to change force or baud rate on the machine with the keys, for example.
Nothing is jammed in there - I can move the cutting head to both sides with
hand when machine is turned off, with no obstructions. When I turn the
machine on - as alway's, it moves to the right corner and comes back about
1/2 inch to it's regular origin, but cutting is not possible - machine
immediatelly pauses without any movement at all.
Resetting doesn't change anything.

What could be wrong? Please, advice!

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