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Blackcat cougar

Hi,ive just made my very 1st cuts but its turning into a mess.I have installed a click blade holder with a 45 blade and set it at 1 to cut vinyl.
Its cutting straight through and the vinyl is bunching up.Im worried that i may have damaged the blade which could be adding to the bad cuts.
Please help,i feel i am so close


  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,976
    @Newcutta - what is the cutter you are using? What software are you using? What are the settings for blade depth, and pressure (force)? Are you using a mat for the vinyl or cutting from a roll of vinyl? Do you have any of the pinch wheels running on the vinyl if you are using a mat? Ensure the mat is very sticky, and that you have pressed the vinyl backing sheet well onto the mat, and that none of the pinch wheels are running or riding on the vinyl as it is being cut. There should only be pinch wheels on the edges of the mat.
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,639
    edited July 2018
    I'm not familiar with the click type holders

    If you are cutting through the vinyl and backing sheet that would suggests part of the issue is that the blade length is to long so would require a setting less than position one

    What ever blade holder your using the same applies set the blade length so there on only enough blade to penetrate the material you wish to cut through
    So for vinyl a blade length that will only penetrate the vinyl and not the backing sheet . As vinyl is so very thin barely any blade at all should be showing

    This video below shows one method of setting blade length
    for vinyl just lay the material flat (not folded) make the cut , separate the vinyl and check the backing sheet for signs of cut marks

    Once you have the length set you will need to determine a suitable pressure setting

    Also the height the blade holder is mounted in the machine effects the blades ability to penetrate the material each time the blade is lowered

    I have no experience with the black cat cutters so can offer not advice what height if recommended
    @MeFlick maybe be able to offer some assistance

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  • NewcuttaNewcutta Member Posts: 45
    @Liz_A - im using a blackcat cougar with MTC.Im not using a cutting mat.The wheels are clamped down in the correct place and im cutting at around 60-80 force with a speed between 100-150.
    In my first few cuts i noticed that it had cut into the protective cutting strip,so im thinking maybe the blade is ruined and causing this.
  • NewcuttaNewcutta Member Posts: 45
    @MeFlick - i watched the video and set at 1 it cuts perfectly on a scrap piece.When cutting through machine though its a different matter.I will ask @MeFlick about blade holder hight.
  • NewcuttaNewcutta Member Posts: 45
    @MeFlick- could you provide some assistance on blade holder hight for vinyl on a cougar please
  • dav328dav328 Member Posts: 30
    I don't use a click blade holder, but when cutting vinyl I have the force set to 20-25 on my cougar.
  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,308
    First, if you haven't already - go to Sandy's site and download the KNK Maxx manual with MTC found here: http://www.iloveknk.com/support/user-manuals/maxx-user-manuals/ - She should have information on cutting vinyl.

    The original Maxx and the BC Cougar were essentially the same cutters so most of that information Sandy provides will be applicable to you learning to cut with your machine (note the X/Y is reversed and the BR (Baud Rate) setting is different.)

    Second, if you are cutting into the protective strip then you are cutting too deep, with too much force.  You don't want to cut into the protective strip.  You indicated that you are cutting with a force around 60-80.  I would suggest that is too high. I no longer have my black cat cougar but when I did, I seldom cut with a force above 12-15 on vinyl. I also tended to cut with a mat because most of what I cut would fit easily on a mat and i preferred using the mat over not.  If what you are cutting fits on a "mat" then I would suggest starting that way to help protect your cutting strip until you get more familiar with cutting. I would also increase my speed unless I was cutting something really intricate. 

    It is possible that you have damaged your blade.  You can check that using a magnifying glass to check your blade for nicks or breaks on the tips, etc.

    As for setting the blade height, with the BC Cougar, they recommended using an old cd for setting the blade height above your medium.  Put the cd on your medium and have the blade resting on the cd.  I believe Sandy used to recommend about 25 post it notes with the KNK Maxx. Also, check the blade amount sticking out - it should be very little at the click blade of 1 setting.  It is possible it has too much sticking out at that setting.  If so, you may need to adjust it. I don't recall exactly how to do that, i think there is a small screw either at the top or on the side.  I didn't use the click holder, I just used the normal blade holder and used the regular 45 degree blade.

    If you are cutting all the way through and the vinyl is bunching up, you clearly have too much force and maybe blade extended.

    You don't mention if you are cutting regular wall vinyl or Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) for clothing.  If you are cutting regular wall vinyl, you want to cut it from the top and not cut through its backing.  If you are cutting HTV, the shiny side is the backing side, you do not cut through that side, you reverse your image, and cut from the dull side.

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  • NewcuttaNewcutta Member Posts: 45
    @MeFlick - cheers matey for your help.I will give it a go.
    One more thing,am i correct in assuming that the blade doesnt need a specific facing when its inserted.In tutorials ive seen,they just drop the blade in.(hope you understandand what i mean by this)
  • NewcuttaNewcutta Member Posts: 45
    @MeFlick fixed mate,i was using too much force,knocked it back to 18 and you can see the difference.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,976
    @Newcutta - no you don't need to worry about how the blade is positioned when you replace it or put the blade holder in. MTC similar to other cutting software, does a little jig to orient the blade so that the cutting side is facing the right way when it starts. You will notice that that step makes a little mark out side of your project area. Glad to hear that dropping the pressure worked for you.
    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
  • NewcuttaNewcutta Member Posts: 45
    @Liz_A - Thanks for assuring me of that,thats a clever addition.
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