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Thanks for trying. How do I install mtc on a newer computer? [Resolved]

Mary212Mary212 Member Posts: 1,529
edited July 2018 in Resolved Issues
@Crazy_Mr_Zing  Am moving from 9 year old Vist machine to newer Windows 7 machine.  Have the disk, and reg. key.   Question is about getting the updates.  Should I only do the newest one or what?

Have looked at different discussions others have posted about this topic, but am not sure what to do.  Are there step by step instructions for this?   Bear in mind, I face this challenge with much fear and trepidation.  Look under the words Computer Challenged and you will find my picture and a definition of how I have been known to screw up major big time trying to do things like this.  <bowing head and looking very embarrassed>  Thanks in advance for any guidance you can give me. 
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