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HELP!!!! Cricut Expresssion 2 won't print

johnsusan91johnsusan91 Member Posts: 2
edited June 2018 in Resolved Issues
HELP!  We just got a Cricut Expression 2 and are trying to print from our laptop.  We have Cricut Design Space and Circut Sync up.  It will go through the process of connecting the two and saying they are connected.  I pull up a file to print (.SVG file)....go through the steps to cut it and a screen pops up to choose the Cricut device.....it acts likes it is connecting and says "Bluetooth Module 62EF" and eventually it pops up an error 18.    What are we mising or doing wrong?  My husband had read it may be something to do with Adobe Air? 


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,598
    @johnsusan91, welcome to the Make-The-Cut software support forum for people who use MTC with their supported cutters. Unfortunately, due to some legal issues several years ago, MTC is not allowed to support the Cricut cutters.  There are some Cricut users here, despite that, but the majority of users here are using KNK machines, with users of several other supported cutters, such as the MH series from USCutter or Silver Bullets.

    My best suggestion, as someone who knows nothing about the Cricut machines, is to do a Google search for Cricut focused discussion groups, or to go onto Facebook and search there for Cricut groups.

    Good luck with your issue.  If you want to try out a great piece of design software, you can use MTC for that purpose and export SVG files that you've created yourself.  But the software can't talk to your cutter, so you'd have to do what you're doing now and import the SVG file into Design Space.
  • johnsusan91johnsusan91 Member Posts: 2
    Oh, thank you! 

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