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Help with adding graphics

PippinPippin Member Posts: 59
I'm working on designing a pillow box with some graphics on to do print and cut but I'm having a hard time working out how to do the graphic bit. I've designed my box outlines (in illustrator) and have managed to import the SVG fine but how do I add graphics onto the box (in MTC)? Do I just import and pixel trace but then hide these parts when I do the cutting?

I had a go at print and cut yesterday but I was cutting out the thing I printed.


  • PippinPippin Member Posts: 59
    Ignore me LOL! I think I've figured it out ;-)
  • PonnonPonnon Member Posts: 1
    edited September 2018

    Sometimes we want to remove the background of an image or just cut some parts of it, but there’s something you might not be aware of: You don’t need a pixel editing software like photoshop to do this task.

    This article is here to prove that Gravit Designer is a tool that can do much, even bitmap retouching. The big secret is to know how to handle this task.

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