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MTC editing help {Resolved]

synergy84synergy84 Member Posts: 14
edited May 2018 in Resolved Issues
I continue to have difficulties with finding a way around my issue. I am trying to basically join/weld an image and have no idea how to make it work. 
https://imgur.com/a/A4SJTlc  I need like...a bit of weld but a bit of join. 

I basically want to remove the bottom part of the circle that is within the bear. I have tried editing the nodes themselves, but I can't get it to fill in the space after. It just looks like an outline. https://imgur.com/ajOCxDu I can't really work with this.  

 I don't even know the words to describe what I need here, but basically I need to seperate it so I can layer two different colours. (this is for a vinyl decal)

I always find myself frustrated trying to edit images to work around this. I feel like there must be an easier way.  

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated as this continues to drive me crazy. 
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