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Has anyone seen shelves for 12" x 24" materials?

horsefleshhorseflesh Member Posts: 82
Most of my vinyl is in 12" x 24" sheets, but I can't find any shelves that are quite right. Lots of 12x12 and 12x18 options for craft/construction paper, nothing at all for 12x24 sheets. Any ideas? 


  • GabeGabe Moderator Posts: 4,595
    @horseflesh, I'm afraid I don't understand your question.  Could you explain what type of shelves your looking for, besides the size, please?
  • hwganghwgang Member Posts: 2,807
    @horseflesh, I'd suggest maybe using the 12" x 12" tiles of vinyl-coated wire mesh organizers that are everywhere and zip tying them to make the 12 x 24" size you need.

    @Gabe, there's lots of shelving specifically designed to store 12" x 12" cutting stock. It took me a lot of fiddling to come up with my preferred solution for the 12" x 12" stuff!

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