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Draft Bazaar additions

Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,473
Hi Peeps, ran out of constructive ideas for a few days so I thought I would sort out some of my old files that I used for parchment and my old cameo. The files are all png with a few jpeg thrown in to confuse the issue. I have added an enormous amount of files to my Craft Bazaar - lot of eye candy! LOL. Anyway I added PO15- PO60+ files and the rest of the sets files up to 31. I also put up a stats pdf so that you can see just how many files there are! They cover a multitude of pnc projects and/or trace if you are interested. Cards/papers/envelopes/fans etc. etc. I haven't put up any screen shots - just too many. The link to my Craft Bazaar is below - make sure you have a spare hour there's a lot to sift through.  I suggest you only download what appeals to you as there is a large volume of files here.  If you need help with any file translating it let me know I have the original drawings and can access them.  Just make sure you identify the file and it's location folder to give me a fighting chance of finding it.
Have fun, Di, ID 14610
UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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Feel free to use anything in these links.
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