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New computer and MTC download site isn't responding [Resolved]

QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 581
edited August 2017 in Resolved Issues
I have had two computers die or have problems in the past two months!  I am trying to download MTC 4.6.2 onto my newest one, but the link from the MTC download site doesn't seem to be responding.  Odd, because it is responding to the desktop computer.  I have had no problems downloading any other programs.  I have my registration code all ready to go, but I simply cannot get download.  Any advice?
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  • QuicklabsQuicklabs Member Posts: 581
    Got it worked out.  For some reason, I had to right click and save.  Maybe because I had already downloaded?   In any case, I got it working.  Just in time for Halloween and Christmas card making time.
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