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KNK Zing print and cut alignment troubleshooting

Hello and good morning.

I have been able to print and cut for over a month now daily. However, last night, I noticed that my zing did not cut my shapes properly. So this morning, I calibrated my zing. The first couple of times I changed the x and y values, zing responded by cutting at different locations (so i could see the cutting lines were getting closer/farther away from the print lines). However, for the subsequent cuts, no matter what value I put for x, the cutting lines always ended up 18mm above the print lines. So for example if i put x=0, it will still cut it 18mm higher than the print line. If i put x=-0.3, it will still cut 18mm higher than the print line. I have tried unplugging the zing from the power source, unplugging the cables themselves that are attached to the zing and my macbook. I tried to give it a rest for 10 minutes. It is still doing this. What is happening?

I am going crazy here.. so anybody can help, I'd be grateful :)


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