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How can I define a shape size?

I haven't used my MTC for awhile.  I thought I used to be able to define the size of a shape so I didn't have to try to get to it by just pulling on it and not getting exactly what I wanted.  I can't find it now.  Where is it or am I just getting old?


  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,473
    Look towards the top of the screen after you have clicked on the shape you want to change your will see four sets of numbers, the first two relate to location the second two relate to size. If you have the lock on and alter one then they both change to correspond the the first number.  If you want to change the height and the width separately unlock and enter individually each parameter.
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  • KickyCKickyC Member Posts: 8
    Thanks.  That helps with another problem.  I couldn't find those boxes in the first place.  I had to turn them on in the view.  They just weren't showing up and I thought I used to use them.  I got it working but was having problems with keeping the dimensions the same.  This helps.  Thanks so much!
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,991
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    @KickyC - sounds like a little review of the User Manual for MTC might go a long way for you =). Here is a link to it:

    http://www.iloveknk.com/0um/KNKZing/KNKZingwithMTCUserManual.pdf - help for MTC the program starts in chapter 3.

    Not all the toolbars show up right out of the box. MTC follows a standard that you would experience in any other graphics or vector programs, or even in other types of programs, a small subset of toolbars will appear by default, the rest can be viewed or toggled on or off by clicking options in the View menu. The View menu is a very common menu option for many programs, and typically affects the user interface for the program, also known as, the GUI.

    For the Width and Height options on that toolbar you now have displayed, there is a lock icon at the end. When locked (gold), the dimensions will change proportionally when you change one, and press Enter. Pressing Enter is the key to setting a width or height option. If you have the lock in the unlocked choice (green), then making a change to one value (width or height), and then pressing Enter does not change the other value (height or width). And lastly, you have to have a shape selected in order to make changes to its dimensions.

    Hope that helps! Post again if you have more questions!
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