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MTC to Printer Problem [Resolved]

CharoCharo Member Posts: 761
edited April 2017 in Resolved Issues
Help folks please!  I just reconfigured my craft room due to a new cabinet, including adding wireless instead of USB for cutter, computer, printer.  MTC to cutter works but I cannot get a PNC to print out.  I get an exception code OXE0657363 which doesn't mean much.  Checked the User Manual; didn't see anything about this issue.  I understand it is a computer issue but am at a loss on what to do next.  You know I am not a computer genius don't you.  I did reinstall MTC drivers with no change.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
P. S.  Printer wireless is connected.  I can print from computer, just not from MTC.  In MTC Print Settings the wireless printer is selected, although it says it is a web connection (I guess that means wireless?
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