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Zing Air PNC issues [Resolved]

kmabeekmabee Member Posts: 2
edited March 2017 in Resolved Issues

 I am trying to use Print and Cut which I have successfully used before.  My arrow is calibrated perfectly, but when I try to print and cut a page of shapes, it is not working.  I am directing the laser to each of the 3 registration marks, but then when the carriage moves over to begin cutting, it goes too far right off of the material touches down and then tries to cut off of the material.  My virtual mat is the same size as my material and I have attempted to cut with and without setting the origin.  I have checked and rechecked portrait v. landscape mode….I don’t know what else to try…..any advice?

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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,495
    edited March 2017
    @kmabee - it does really sound like your Virtual Mat is in portrait and the mat into the cutter is in landscape, or vice versa. Using the same file, hide all the existing layers, and add 4 different shapes to each corner, using coloured shapes, print that and test the cut.
  • kmabeekmabee Member Posts: 2
    @Liz_A Thank you so much!!! I followed your advice and the same thing happened, but doing so helped me figure out the problem! Somehow, after I calibrated my "perfect" arrow, I deleted the negative sign in front of the 24.5 for Y in the laser offset, so instead of moving just slightly off of the default the carriage was traveling that far right of the registration marks.  I appreciate your response and how quickly you answered.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,495
    @kmabee - so glad you figured it out! Yay! Happy Cutting!
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