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Selecting Matt/Material Size [Resolved]

kmarxkmarx Member Posts: 3
edited November 2016 in Resolved Issues
I am new to MTC and have just purchased a KNK Maxx air. I am designing quote stencils and cutting them out of cardboard for signs. I have the blade, force and speed all figured out well. The cardboard is cutting well. What I am not "getting" is the matt/material size. For example: if I have a 12x12 Matt, when I try to cut it using 12" material size it cuts off page. I have to make the stencils a lot smaller to get them to cut within the cardboard size-and it cuts them in the bottom corner of cardboard. I have tried making a custom size Matt but I'm having the same problem. This is probably something very easy I have overlooked but I've spent hours tying to figure this out. I hope this makes sense? Thanks so much
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