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How to shadow but only cut on the inside.

I can set a shadow on a textured image. I can weld them and cut the outside only.
What I want to do is to cut only the original image outline without the shadow - I want to do this to use the shadow line to hide any cutting errors on the outline - if the shadow is black then over/undercuts do not show as bad as when they are white.

Is it possible to only cut the inside line(original image) rather than have to cut the image outline AND the shadow outline ?
Anyhelp appreciated.


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,640
    edited October 2016
    What I think your are wanting to do it add a print bleed
    a inset cut line is another solution to slight misalignment of cuts (see video below)

      To create a bleed uses very similar principles
     Create a 0mm shadow of the image move this to a separate layer this will be your cut line hide the layer using the eye on the layer panel
     Create a outside shadow for you bleed select the colour you want
    Select the original image shape and the coloured bleed shadow and do a texture snapshot that will create one textured shape (image and bleed)
     Make the layer with the cut line visible
     So now you have you image with bleed and a inset cutline that was the shape of the original image

    There's is one more step
    having a cut line smaller than the printed shape causes a issue with print and cut  reg marks moving I think this video will explain that best

    Make The Cut - PNC with an Inset Cut Line

    If you need help
    It often helps us help you if you can include a MTC file so we can see the file the working so if you attach your file we can provide more direct assistance relate to your file
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  • ChrisHChrisH Member Posts: 7
    Great ! I will try this and report back. Thanks v. much.
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,473
    I thought you just traced in and cut but if you want to put a cut line a minute bit inside the outer line use a minus (-) sign before the number in shadow and set it to say -0.01 give or take according to where you want the line
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