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Pokemon go Birthday card

walshsurveywalshsurvey Member Posts: 553
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For some of you this will apply to kids. But in our family we are all ummm, enthusiasts. I had fun making this card.

So I took out all the pokemon because I thought that might be trademarked or copyrighted or something. But you can just go on google and search for the pokemon that the kid likes and put it into the pokeballs. There is also an outline where an onix goes.

The pokeballs just have a little tape on the top or bottom to keep the pokemon inside. The popup part of the card doesn't have the outside of the card cut, so if you want you can shrink the whole card and then add a rectangle around it to keep things straight. It has an optional spot for a apple itunes or google play card so they can buy some pokeballs.

My hubby loved it.



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