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Why is MTC and KNK Zing Air not cutting my shape in one continuous cut? [Resolved]

clacla Member Posts: 3
edited October 2016 in Resolved Issues

I am trying to cut a continious shape on my KNK Zing Air with MTC. The problem is, that the cutting cuts each single arc/line/detail separately and always raises/lowers the blade for each vectorline...which is absolutely not what I want. I already designed the shape with nice round corners so the cutting can happen without sharp corners in one single continious cut...but the machine is simply not doing it.

Some details: I try to cut a Mylar shape as isolator for a PCB board. Therefor the original shape came out of my CAD software, exported as .DXF file...because I have to get it somehow over to to Make-the-cut, which is not straight forward. This .DXF I then have to convert with Inkscape (in Inkscape I tried options to just export it, or first convert it into an path object where i combine all vectors) into an .SVG file , since MTC does not support any proper 2D CAD file-import. I am attaching the files below for investigation.
The .SVG then gets imported into MTC and then gets placed and sent to my KNK. No matter how i treat the files (for example if I "Join" or "Weld" in MTC separate vectors which appeared during import or if I import the full path object as seemingly one shape), the cutting machine always cuts it in an illogical order of separate vectors, instead of one continious cutting line following the shape around.
What am I doing wrong? I am not seeing any separations of the vectors in MTC and the cutting preview shows me a nice continious cutting path...so why is it not doing whats logical?

Thanks for any help or hints

Files (.DXF as exported from CAD software; .SVG as exported from Inkscape; .MTC as in MTC before running the cut)

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