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Finding Webinar Topic Via Vimeo Search

I thought I post Method I use to searching for webinar topics via Vimeo
I realise there are indexes on the forum but I always forget where to find them ??? :#

I use fire Firefox so sure hope it works with other browser or won't I look foolish lol :#:'(;)

So you goto https://vimeo.com/

Sometimes vimeo can be over zealous with self promotion and automatically display a page wanting to become a member usually if you correct the address back to vimeo.com you will reach the correct page

In the Search Box enter Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar (a Space) and also the topic you searching for  
Example to search webinar mentioning conical warp enter
Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar conical warp click the eyeglass or hit enter

The results of the search will display
(Webinar Video all seem to have the Reddish Make the Cut banner)


Click on one of the video to open its page

On this page you can

-View the video

-See the Topics discussed on the video in detail click on read more to expand the listing

-Download the video for off-line viewing

-Return to the search result vide the link highlight with the green ring

If you follow this link Search Vimeo Make The Cut! Q&A Webinar
you can just add a space and a search term to the end and then click search

Anyway thats it Hope it makes some sense and useful to someone
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