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Having Issues with Cutting Vinyl (Resolved)

HappyCrafterHappyCrafter Member Posts: 2,663
edited September 2016 in Resolved Issues
I am a pretty experienced user in cutting vinyl.  But today I am having an issue that I have not encountered before.  I am attaching a picture of my MTC file and a picture of what it looks like when it has been cut.  My letters are very straight, right angles in my MTC file.  Letters directly inputted in MTC and not traced.  When I cut they are slanted and slightly rounded and crooked at the bottom.

I have checked my blade.  It is securely fastened, no wobblies.  I am cutting on the same force that I generally cut vinyl.  I am cutting without a mat; however I tried cutting with a mat and got the same results.

Any suggestions as to what I may check to see why this is happening?  Have any of you had this happen?

Thank you very much.


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