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KNK Force issue [Resolved]

georgemgeorgem Member Posts: 8
edited August 2016 in Resolved Issues
Hi everyone! =)
Just got my new KNK Force and having some "fun time" with it. =/
I'm trying to cut adhesive vinyl.

I can not make it cut a clean circle. It is always distorted or path is not event closed.
I've tried to change "Closed-path overcut" value and yes, now it's closed, but it is still distorted and looks more like oval.
When I cut rectangles I'm getting not so clean corners, but I've made it almost perfect by tuning blade offset value.

I'm using Adobe Illustrator and saving svg files according to the User's Manual (sng export settings + everything converted to compound path). 

Please give me any tips on how to make it cut clean shapes.

P.S: I thought my Cameo 2 was inaccurate. At this point Cameo cuts like a charm... =///  
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