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apple updates?

i am very new to the forum (just a lurker until today) and have tried searching for any information on when/if MTC will ever be out of beta. i want to invest the time in learning the ins and outs of MTC but don't feel it will be worth my time if 1) a non beta, supported version isn't in the cards and 2) there won't be a plugin for silhouette.

i apologize if this is a question you're tired of seeing but i really wanted to find this information out :)

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  • meganmariebrownmeganmariebrown Member Posts: 2
    hahah. i guess i didn't look hard enough to realize the mac version is no longer beta :smile:

    i'm with you... i'm not down with putting something like parallels on my mac. so, that's not an option.

    have you heard of others using MTC for the design and then uploading that file to silhouette? i'm sure there are more technicalities in doing that but i didn't know if anyone had any success in doing so... even if you still have to edit the file some, once in silhouette.
  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,380
    edited August 2016
    I think you will have to have the design edition that imports svg's directly. Otherwise you need to convert the svg's to DXF. I do not have a silhouette - but I do have a mint stamper and haven't invested in the design edition. The mint software will take the silhouette files but doesn't design much.  I design in MTC on my mac since I am not as familiar with silhouette studio and just use it as a pass thru. I export as svg  - convert to DXF with an online converter so that I can export a studio file the mint can use.
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