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Now I some how have broken my Tea House PCS File

Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,550
A while back I had this tea house pcs file issue which I thought i worked was not an issue as it was just when there was a junction of 2 or more shapes   pcs selected which shape edges to render and which to not render

either I'm totally confused or this is a rather technical issue for @andy or and little conundrum for @SusanBluerobot

so at the junction of the red - green shape junction the edge of the green is rendered and the edge of red is not

there this is the result

anyway i took this design a bit further adding a second floor and also tinkering with the roof shape height
and seem to had broken it now
I realise I can easily repair this in mtc
But it puzzles me what causes one shape to take priority over the other when you render 
I try various z order position that doesn't seem to have a effect

effectively now at the red - green shape junction  the red shape edge is now being rendered instead of the green shape edge ....why?

This file is very much in complete the design is actually a little small ,some parts are too thin and so are no robust enough to remain intact
If I can figure out this rendering priority issue I can start again for scratch

That leads to other lessor issue which I've experienced before with other cards when I attempt to scale via global operation this is the result

Edit well i think i solve this issue I found an old post saying it a Bug in the global operations

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