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My Take on the Hugs Card

wildflowerwildflower Member Posts: 11
In a discussion a few days ago several people here made cards with words on the front that slide together like a die sold by Concord and 9th. I saw their 'Hugs' Die demonstrated by Jennifer McGuire here - www.jennifermcguireink.com/2016/05/stripes.html  -  and wanted to make a graduation card for my niece using her method of ink blending with masked stripes. So this was my take on creating my own word card to do that. The four letters on each side make it a little more tricky to slide together carefully but I cut extra layers of the letters to layer on top and strengthen them. It also really helps to bend the back of the card carefully into an arch shape as you slide them together. I stuck a small post-it to the left top side that said "lift here to open" for her when I sent the card. The purple was my first attempt and I had to anchor the "g" and "r" better to each side after that. You can see on the card to the right that I changed the "s" a little too. I played with several fonts and mixed letters together to get it to look just like I wanted. I do my scoring by hand, so I made a layer with very small ticks to show myself where to run the score marks and they worked perfect for making the fold come together in the middle on every card. Thanks to MTC, node editing and shadow layering I was happy with it and it was kind of fun! I've also shared my favorite envelope pattern that is in the second picture. I like to make an envelope to match my cards and this one is easily resized. Just lock the envelope and score line while you make the square the size of your card. Then lock the card square, unlock the envelope outline and use the resizing handles at the corners or side until you see it fit. Because the sides that fold in are not large this pattern often fits for me on regular size papers too!


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