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New machine [Resolved]

rosedalecrafterrosedalecrafter Member Posts: 28
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Good Morning All:

I know there is a lot of discussion on the various machines here.  I have read through most of them.  I currently have a Cameo (have had it for 4 years now) and is fine, but I get frustrated with it.  The housing that holds the blade isn't all that and keeps coming loose, and have trouble with cuts.  Anyway,  I have been going back and forth between the Pazzles and the Zing.  I scrap book and make cards.  Nothing heavy duty.  Never really tried the pnc on the Cameo, but would like to learn and did not purchase the DE software.  I work almost exclusively in MTC.   I can get a uses Pazzles for about $250 and not sure I really want to put out about $400 at this point in time. My questions are:

1) Do you need a pen holder for either of these.
2) If I purchase the Pazzle, am I required to pay for their subscription, or can I just use MTC exclusively?  I really don't want to pay extra for additional software.

Thanks for all of the discussions, time and effort everyone has put out there on the different cutters.
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  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,473
    I think the pazzle has it's own software but I think @juliefes uses MTC and transfers into it.  When she comes on she'll let you know.
    I'm unsure why your are having trouble with your blade - I've never had that problem.  The latch works fine for me.  Cut is a different story tho and require an understanding of the paper and blade depth required.  As you will see in the Gallery I have cut very intricate designs on the Cameo.  I went for the Force because of all the options that opened up, but am still on a learning curve.  I'm guessing if the blade keeps coming loose then the holder is faulty.  Check with Cameo on that one.
    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
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  • rosedalecrafterrosedalecrafter Member Posts: 28
    It isn't the blade itself.  It is the housing that is attached to the machine.  The clamp that holds the blade comes off and at times wiggles loose so the blade doesn't engage.  Also recently, the carriage doesn't always move up and down.  You have to wiggle it to get it to move before you start.
  • Di-liteDi-lite Member Posts: 3,473
    The stuck carriage I have had, it went away after a time, but if the clamp is not attached then I definitely think you need to shout for help from the Cameo people.  I'm thinking one of the latches that holds the clamp on may have broken.  It's sad because the Cameo is a nice machine and when working it does a good job on the thinner card.  I also had the head get sticky and would have to bob it up and down a couple of times to get it to function.  Mind you it has down a lot of work.
    Have fun, Di, ID 14610
    UK, Cameo, Serif Draw, Win10.
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  • rosedalecrafterrosedalecrafter Member Posts: 28
    It is about 4 years old and is no longer under warranty.  Would they do anything do you think?
  • sandyjsandyj Member Posts: 821
    I think after 4 years it wouldn't be worth fixing - you can get cameos these days on sale for under $200.

    If you don't do anything heavy duty, the Zing would probably be overkill.  It's real strength is its ability to cut through thicker materials, but it is also more complicated to use.  It's other plus is if you are into vinyl, it will cut all types of vinyl without a mat, and it's ability to cut 14" width means you can feed 15" vinyl right off the roll.

    The pazzles  is one of the few machines I haven't used, but I've heard nothing but good things about it.  Our resident expert Julie will, I'm sure, be along to give you the deets.
    Just MY opinion, your milage will vary. Like "Andy" but with an "S"
  • rosedalecrafterrosedalecrafter Member Posts: 28
    Thanks.  I think I am going to go ahead with the Pazzles and hold onto the Cameo for now.  If I decide I don't like it, I can always sell it.
  • juliefesjuliefes Member Posts: 4,871
    @rosedalecrafter You can get an original Pazzles Inspiration used for about $150. I have a friend who is selling hers, used only for test cuts at my house. She purchased the Vue shortly after that, so the machine has been packed in its original box since then.

    The advantage of the original Pazzles Inspiration machine is that you can cut directly to it from Make The Cut. It does not have the optical reading technology that the newer Vue machines have. MTC does not yet have a plugin for the Pazzles Vue, so I create my designs in MTC, export as SVG, and import the SVG files into Pazzles software for cutting.

    Both Pazzles machines cut with up to 1000 grams of pressure, while the Silhouette machines cut with only 210 grams. KNK Zing cuts with up to 750 grams of pressure. My Cameo rarely gets used, because I like to cut heavier cardstock, and unless the blade in the Cameo is new, I have do do double or triple passes on the Cameo to get clean cuts, which is time consuming. You can only cut up to 11.8" wide to the Cameo from Make The Cut. Cutting around printed images on the Cameo is not nearly as accurate for me as what I get using the Pazzles Vue. 

    I like the Vue and use it almost every day, mostly because of its ease of use. You can purchase the Vue new outright for $339, which includes 3 months of their craftroom free, plus a year's warranty. If you are purchasing a used Pazzles Vue machine, you wouldn't get the warranty or the Craftroom, so consider that value. The Craftroom is about $20 per month, so $60 value. If you do the math, the new machine itself is costing only about $280. To get the $339 deal, you would sign up for a free membership at the Pazzles craftroom, and they will offer you a low cost short term membership to check out the craftroom.  Not sure how much that is, but I am thinking about $5.00? While you have this membership, you get a 15% discount at their store, which includes 15% off the full price of the machine, taking the price down to $339 plus shipping.

    I also have the KNK Zing. It cuts more accurately than the original Pazzles Inspiration, but it is not as easy to use. Pazzles machines have auto-loading mats and click style blade holders. The blade in the Zing is a better quality blade, but I find it to be very difficult to insert blade and spring in the holder without damaging the delicate tip of the blade. Changing blades is not something I like to do. I do have the Eclips click style blade holder that works in the Zing, but it doesn't cut as well as the Zing blade and holder.

    Print and Cut projects on the Zing use laser registration rather than the optical reading technology available on the Pazzles Vue or Silhouette machines. Laser registration can provide very precise cutting around printed objects, but it is a manual process dependent on good eyesight and patience for the calibrating. Others find this works well for them, but my success with it is limited.  Calibration on the Vue is more automated, and the optical reading technology makes cutting around printed images easier for me.

    KNK Zing also has the advantage of a wider cutting width, up to 14". Pazzles machines cut only up to 12" wide. If you like to cut vinyl on rolls without a mat, you will find the Zing a better choice for that, as Pazzles requires cutting vinyl with a mat.   

    The projects that you like to do, your software preferences, budget, etc.  will help you determine which machine would be best for you.

  • rosedalecrafterrosedalecrafter Member Posts: 28
    Thanks Jules.  I appreciate your response.  I decided on the Pazzles Inspiration.  I found one for $150 with accessories.  It is still an upgrade from the Cameo.  Not too concerned with the print n cut.  And I already own and use MTC so I am good there.  Will let everyone know how I like it.

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