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Template Maker: Correct Sizing for MTC

SandyMcCSandyMcC Member Posts: 7,861
I was contacted by the owner of the amazing Template Maker site: http://www.templatemaker.nl/

He had viewed my video on importing SVG templates from his site into MTC and needing to resize them to match the original custom dimensions you input.  So he added options under the SVG export: one called General Use (use it for MTC), one for Inkscape and one for Illustrator.  

I modified my video to remove the resizing part because it's no longer needed, making it even simpler and faster to prepare a template for cutting.  If you've not previously used Template Maker, check out the link above and also my video here:   

If you're a Force owner, then apply Flatten Paths before exporting again as SVG.

Sandy McCauley
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