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180 degree arched step popup cake

Hi was wondering if any of you cleaver people out there know whether it is possible to do a 180 degree popup cake with arch steps can do the 90 degree one ok having a real mined blank with this so long since I have done this format Yes even trolled through all Susan blue robots videos or if there is a webinar link thanks for any advice Deb just zinging along well most of the time!!  


  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,604
    edited April 2016
    In Pcs you could copy the shapes from one side to the other being sure to keep them on exactly same plane height and flip them after you paste

    I made a start on one using the cake in the pcs gallery copying the shape into a new 180 deg file then copying to the other side

    Maybe is you could attach you 90 deg file someone could offer tip using you exact file
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  • debbiecaseydebbiecasey Member Posts: 416
    :/   thank you so much this gives me some food for thought Mr Zing
  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,380
    edited April 2016
    @debbiecasey of course you can so the 180 in popup card studio. I do my 180's different than Susan - Susan glues 2 90's together, and I size my files down so that I can do the 180 on the right part of pcs. You can also do the 180 in mtc too - you mirror and rotate the 90's output from pcs. Both Bryan and Susan has covered this in past webinars.
  • SusanBluerobotSusanBluerobot Member Posts: 1,185
    or you could cut the two 90* and glue back to back see attached
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  • debbiecaseydebbiecasey Member Posts: 416
    thanks Leslie 6111and Susan blue Robot . Leslie I have used that method quite a few times when doing really fine detailed ones did give that one some thought as well as well as the way Susan has mentioned which is the way I think I shall go, thanks every one for your advice. Deb just zinging a long 
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