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Cricut files [Resolved]

traceyctraceyc Member Posts: 9
edited March 2016 in Resolved Issues
Hello. I use make the cut with my very ageing cricut. I don't do much crafting now, so it suits my needs. I need a new laptop,  will I be able to copy over the files that MTC needs for the cricut, they I have had a long time please? I think its called a pccplugin? Thank you.
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  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,620
    @tracey32 - yes, nothing has changed in that regard. Make sure to make a back up of the complete Make The Cut! folder in Program Files (x86). That is then installed in the same folder on the new laptop. Hundreds of posts here that go through all the steps.
    Still using MTC but slowly migrating to SCAL. KNK cutters including the Force and Maxx Air continue to be my favourites. Fluent in other cutter languages.
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