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help...flower basket z-order [Resolved]

MeowMeow Member Posts: 584
edited January 2016 in Resolved Issues
UPDATED: About the time I posted this, I figured it out. :)

I am attempting to do the flower basket here at this link: http://forum.make-the-cut.com/discussion/38469/a-tisket-a-tasket-a-popup-easter-basket

I have been following @SusanBluerobot tutorial here:
Everything went well and then I cut it out. Well, I had some cut lines where I shouldn't have and also I got the sides of my basket too close to the edges of some cut lines and the back two planes came off. I went back into MTC to work on the basket and make the sides a little less slanted. I brought that shape back into PCS. I have made it to the third plane of the basket in PCS and I cannot get it to move down one page on my z-order. No matter what I try it won't work. I didn't have any trouble the first time I did this, but now that I am making corrections, I cannot seem to get it to work. Can someone help? I am attaching the PCS file.
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  • leslie6111leslie6111 Member Posts: 2,380
    @Meow I fixed and completed your file. The basket part you were working on wasn't at the bottom of the plane and think that is what messed you up to beging with. Then I sent it to lowest z order and then I raised the z order till it looked right. I moved forward every subsequent plane, sizing the width smaller and doing the same with the z order - putting at the bottom and then raising it till it looked right - sometimes taking multiple clicks to raise it up. It might be helpful to know you can move things over from multiply open pcs window projects - the same way as opening up a window in MTC and one in PCs. It is better to move things over than have to start over with a project.
  • SusanBluerobotSusanBluerobot Member Posts: 1,185
    OK here is the HELP fix video hope it helps
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  • MeowMeow Member Posts: 584
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