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Inset Shadow Help - parameters produce no shadow layer [Resolved]

hope9811hope9811 Member Posts: 192
edited February 2016 in Resolved Issues
I recently upgraded to 4.6.2 from the old cricut version. I used to be able to go into shadow and click inset shadow and create a shadow on the inside of something. In the new version I can't. So I googled it and it showed to put a negative number in the shadow box. I used a basic square from the shapes menu inside MTC and wanted to make the boxes for the card, but it says "parameters produce no shadow layer data."

When I searched it also said to simplify it, but it is already simplified so that didn't help.

Help. Here is the card I was trying to make the base of....cute huh! It belongs to Vivian over at KaDoodle Bug Designs. Anyway, I thought I would recreate the base and use different piecings in the middle for a fun look like she did. Sounded simple enough and in my old version of MTC I can still do this easily but I'm trying to use just one machine and one program now that I have upgraded to the cameo so I figured I should learn to do this in the new version of MTC.

So any help as to why I can't do this would be appreciated. It used to be so simple! (Yes, I do realize that I could start with a smaller square and shadow up, but since I can't get this to work, I will need it eventually anyway as it is a feature I often use, so I thought I would take the time to learn and figure out what I am doing wrong in this case as it isn't always a simple square that I want to use these feature for.)

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