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adding color to pop up cards [Resolved]

MeowMeow Member Posts: 584
edited January 2016 in Resolved Issues
I have tried to apply some of what I have learned and have designed a 3 tiered cake popup card using PCS. I would like to make the cake chocolate (brown) and the heart red. I have tried splitting, breaking, etc.and cannot seem to get my colors to show up but I obviously don't know how. HELP! :(:( I exported it as an svg file and imported it into MTC. I don't want to cut out separate pieces of red and brown cardstock and glue them on. I want to do a print and cut where I print the cake with its colors on white cardstock and put that same cardstock into my silhouette cameo and cut it out. I am attaching both the PCS and MTC files. Can someone please explain this to me. I watched a video or two on this and thought I had it, but I don't. Thanks.
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