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Transfer foil trouble... [Resolved]

Just_CaraJust_Cara Member Posts: 7
edited December 2015 in Resolved Issues
Hi all,

I hope there is someone who can help. I'm trying to use my transfer foils with my laminator and I'm getting a messy result. The foil is mostly adhering to my printed design, however wherever the foil is (in it's rectangular shape), it's laying down extra flecks of foil, so it's essentially sticking to my paper, even where there is no toner and not sticking to 100% of the toner. I thought it could be because the laminator was too hot, but when I added an extra sheet of 80gsm printer paper on top, the picture then doesn't laminate properly at all, maybe 30-40%. At this stage It's looking like the problem might be with the foil, but does anyone have any other viable solutions I can try?

Much appreciated :)
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  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,536
    Are you using a laser printer. It might need cleaning inside. some printer have a cleaning function
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  • Just_CaraJust_Cara Member Posts: 7
    Hi Crazy_Mr_Zing,

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, it's a Brother monolaser. Sadly I don't think that cleaning it will solve my problem because I literally opened the box and set up last night and started with the test prints :(

    I tried a different colour foil and it seems to stick much better to the toner, but it also sticks better to my clean paper too, leaving a nice rectangular foil mark on the paper under the entire shape of my foil.

    Do you have any other suggestions I can try to get a nice clean foil?
  • Crazy_Mr_ZingCrazy_Mr_Zing Member Posts: 3,536
    edited December 2015
    I know very little about foiling
    I know the foil is meant to stick to the toner I thought you were saying its sticking to the toner and little spots on the paper
    so something it my mind thought spilled toner

    What model brother

    what brand foil I read not all foils are equal

    I think Liz_A has used a brother printer for foiling

    Have you use this foil successfully with this laminator before ? (is this an issue only since using the new printer)

    what model Laminator I believe some foil well some not so well
    I Use Zing Air, Make The Cut - Pop Card Studio, WinXP- Win7 -Win10
    Paper Modellers I Revere Marc Hagan-Guirey ----- Yoshinobu Miyamoto ----- Peter Dahmen
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  • Just_CaraJust_Cara Member Posts: 7
    I haven't foiled with a laminator before - First time

    It's a Fellows Mars A3 - No additional heat settings, just on/off unfortunately

    I'm using the Foilart foil - All other stockists didn't have gold, which is what I need for this order, so no other foil to compare to.

    My printer model is Brother HL-L2365DW
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    Hi @Just_Cara I use a your story laminator and get good results. I haven't used your brand of foil but I am thinking that the issue is most likely toner dust even with the printer being new. Have you thought of masking the area around the image with post it notes so that the edge of the foil is not contacting the area around the image. (hope I am explaining correctly) Also try cutting your foil as close to the image size as possible so there is less contact with blank space. Another thought you can try is to lightly brush a little powder (like unscented baby powder) in the area around the image to block the foil from adhering. Check of course that the powder will come off of the cardstock. HTH and let us know how you make out.
  • Just_CaraJust_Cara Member Posts: 7
    Thanks Lysa,

    The tape idea sounds good, but it can't sort out the entire issue. I'm trying to foil an antique frame image. It's for a wedding invitation so it's got writing inside as well, so it's just too delicate to do a descent taping job, and it'd take an age since I'm a perfectionist ;)

    To give a comparative problem, the result is like powder embossing without preparing your paper with cornstarch, not taking off all the excess powder and then melting the messy image with a heat gun. I hope this makes sense. I was concerned that powdering my paper before hand might mess up the printer somehow, but I'll give it a try later when I get back and let you know how it goes.

  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    @Just_Cara Try the powder/cornstarch after the printing is done. Good luck keep us posted.
  • Liz_ALiz_A Member Posts: 10,343
    @Just_Cara Also, Stampin Up makes a tool we use when using embossing power so that any stray specks are removed before you do the heat gun process. This will work for your loose toner that you really cannot notice on the paper until you apply the foil:


    There other similar products available through amazon.
  • Just_CaraJust_Cara Member Posts: 7
    Thanks :) I actually have an 'embossing buddy', can't remember who makes them, but it's the same as the stamping up powder-baggy thing. Just wanted to use the analogy to better explain my results ;)

    So an update to my problem...turns out that this blonde was using the wrong foil. I didn't realise that there were different types of foils for different applications. My supplier gave me a call first thing this morning and mentioned that the foil I had was incompatible with a laminator. The foil I was using is specifically for transfer on glue, so it comes off a lot more readily, hence my problem.

    Thanks so much for the help...really appreciate it :D
  • RorysnonnaRorysnonna Member Posts: 731
    @Just_Cara so glad you got it worked out. I am making wedding invites as well for my daughters wedding (Nov. 2016) I will be foiling as well. I bought my foil from Mybinding.com and it works great with the laminator.
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