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New Curio [Resolved]

SharpySharpy Member Posts: 31
edited August 2015 in Resolved Issues
Hi! Has anyone had trouble using their Curio or, I should say, setting up their Curio? I just got mine today and for some reason it won't sync at all and the computer is reading that it's there but that the drivers aren't downloaded (although I've downloaded then several times). All I'm getting is a blinking light on the machine itself, and nothing on the computer, it never went into the automatic setup mode or anything. Can anyone out there help? I've been on the phone waiting for Silhouette to pick up my call for 36 minutes and counting.... so I'm thinking I'm not going to get an answer with them, at least nit tonight.
Thanks everyone!

PS. I'm using win10 if that makes a difference?
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