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KNK Maxx Air 24 won't "speak" to my computer anymore [Resolved]

JacksonistaJacksonista Member Posts: 153
edited August 2015 in Resolved Issues
I have had my cutter for about 6 weeks and have had no issues with it until last night. I use my Maxx almost every single day with no problems. So last night I am preparing to cut some PNC items (I do almost exclusive PNC cutting). When I clicked on START the Material Length pop up comes up (as it always does) I have it set at 12" fixed length and I press BEGIN. This takes me to my 3 point registration for my PNC. Normally, this takes me to the coordinates for my first point and moves the blade very close to the first point where I then move it for perfect alignment. I then click the center "target" image and it advances to the 2nd point, etc until all 3 are aligned, then I am able to do my cuts.

Now what it does after I click BEGIN is nothing. It shows the coordinates for Point 1 as 0.000,0.000. If I click the target icon it does the same thing at points 2,etc.....nothing. My cutter doesn't see anything from my computer.

I haven't installed anything new on my computer or changed ports for anything. I click on the little blue tooth icon in my hidden icons tray and it says everything is okay and working for the CUTTER.

When I click on test it says "an error occurred when trying to communicate with the targe device--overlapped I/O operation is in progress--Please make sure the KNK machine is ONLINE".

My SERIAL PORT in the MTC software says COM5 (Standard Serial over Bluetooth) it also offers COM4 (std serial over bluetooth), but when I try this it says "element not found".

What happened to my cutter? Can somebody please help me? I have a ton of stuff to cut.

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