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Silhouette seeing SVG file as Internet File (Resolved)

GinaSGinaS Member Posts: 983
edited July 2015 in Resolved Issues
UPDATE: She doesn't have the DE.

I know this is not MTC related, but I figured someone with a Silhouette Cameo machine could help me.

I have someone saying she can't open a SVG file because her software is only seeing the file as an Internet file. I am thinking she doesn't have the DE version, but not sure. Could this be the case?
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  • MeFlickMeFlick Member Posts: 9,238
    edited July 2015
    It has nothing to do with her cutting machine but her computer. Somehow she has the "default" for viewing an SVG file set to using the Internet Browser. She may have never had a program that recognized SVG files on her computer so it defaulted to the Internet browser. She should be able to "right click" and change the "open with" to a program that recognizes SVG files. (note: this may not be the Silhouette program as it "imports" an SVG file so an SVG file is not "native" to that program. It may need to be a graphics type program like Inkscape (which she can download for free.) This is why it "sees" it that way but yes, the Silhouette program will not let her use the SVG file anyway if she does not have the DE version (additional purchase) of their program.
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  • AngeliCutsAngeliCuts Member Posts: 177
    You can't use SVG files if you don't have DE. :(
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