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Bridge doesn't link my computer (MAC 10.10.3) to Maxx air anymore [Resolved]

MoniqueMonique Member Posts: 10
edited July 2015 in Resolved Issues
Hi, Yesterday everything was working well but today when I opened MTC I have been asked to register or use a trial (I bought it in 2013!!!) even with my registration code nothing worked. So I uninstalled with the cleaner software And first I download mtc from Mtc update's section. It was going well until the Bridge's test. The machine didn't make the movement it was supposed to. I tried to cut something anyway but nothing happened. so after that I'd tried with the MTC version on Sandy's web site (both Mac versions. The one for the MAC 10 and latest seemed to be for windows in fact and the other one did just the same as the first one. )

I don't have any further idea what to do next. Could somebody help me?
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